Yoga Room Etiquette 

What to eat and drink

Be sure to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Allow at least 2 hours after a snack or 5 hours after a main meal to allow time for digestion.

If you’re practising early in the morning, some warm herbal tea is fine. You can also have a small portion of fruit like a banana or some grapes for energy if you tend to feel faint beforehand. Keep a snack handy just in case you need it after class.

Hydrate before and after class but avoid carbonated drinks. Try to avoid drinking during class but if you feel very thirsty, have small sips of water

What to wear

Opt for comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in. You don’t have to wear anything skintight, but your limbs should be visible so that I can correct alignment for your limbs, rather than your clothing.

Feet should be bare during practice but you can keep socks by your mat if you get too cold in savasana at the end of practice.


Please ensure that you and your yoga gear are clean and presentable. No one is expecting fashion week-worthy finesse but a shower, clean hands and feet, and a clean kit make the class much more enjoyable for you, your teacher and your fellow yogis.

Find a space

Make sure to have enough space to take your arms wide. Stagger mats with your fellow yogis and avoid being or hiding near pillars. You might hurt yourself and I want to see you in class!

Arrive on time

Aim to arrive at least 10 mins before your class begins. Life happens so if you do run late, come in quietly, and try to avoid slamming the door. Arriving on time is particularly important if you have an injury or medical conditions as you need to speak with your teacher, whose job it is to ensure your practice is safe and healthful.

Cut off time for late entry is 10 minutes into the class, after which you will not be able to attend. This is to respect the other students’ practice, the lesson and to prevent you from rushing into practice and injuring yourself.

Quiet time

Please say hello to your teacher and fellow yogis. But when practice begins - no talking. If you are talking you are not listening, to me or to your body. The class is there to help you listen to yourself and to what is going on inside.

Focus on your practice

When in a group class, try to avoid comparing yourself to your fellow yogis as practice is a very personal thing. Try not to distract yourself or others too much by turning around or remarking on the abilities of other students, or your own. Be kind. Your body is not theirs and vice versa. And it’s quite alright to fall over! Just laugh and try again. We all have different paths to walk. Walk yours confidently, no one else on this earth can walk it.