“More than yoga.”

When I started doing yoga I just wanted a stronger body but Caroline has a unique and an extremely wise way of teaching and after a few weeks (of attending the class) my life started to change, or more correctly, I started to change. I became more aware of my strengths and weaknesses, both physical and mental. With a gentle but honest guidance from my teacher I found myself overcoming obstacles I didn't even knew I was struggling with - all because of Caroline and her yoga classes. I am forever grateful for all the energy, time and emotional commitment Caroline put into us, her students. May your light shine worldwide and continue changing peoples lives, the way you changed mine.

— S.S.

I used to take Caroline’s yoga class every Wednesday at 7am and it was absolutely the happiest way to start my day. She was a ray of sunshine and made me feel warm, even in the darkest, coldest winter mornings. Her energy is so positive and her smile so genuine that I looked forward to Wednesday mornings all week. I’ve since moved across London but continue to follow her blog and newsletter and hope to take part in a master class in future. —Portia

“Energetic and Enthusiastic!”

Caroline is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. Exciting and willing to try anything. I always have fun in her class, and fun is integral to yoga.

— I.C.

Just experienced my first yoga nidra with Caroline...Sublime, very relaxing class, great for releasing blockages.
— Mel

@Zimbayoga what an amazing yoga nidra session. Thank you so much, I feel so light and relaxed. Namaste.

— @goziphilosphy

Having Caroline in life is a neccessity. Been attending Carolines classes for about 2 years now. Its 1 hour in my week that i find so so valuable. Carolines teachings, professionalism, motivation and guidance is so on point. ThankYOU Caroline...u give so much to all of us. Wish i could give u something back. Thankyou!
— Karen
What a treat having a 1:1 with Caroline! She got me doing side crows, cranes and even got me trying a headstand! Great class. Thanks!
— Sun
Hi Caroline! You probably don’t remember me, but I met you almost two years ago in Siargao. I was in your yoga class! And because of you I kind of found yoga. After Siargao I have been in many different yoga class and met many different yoga teacher. But haven’t met teacher like you. Now I’m going to do my yoga teacher training in Bali. And I need to say, not in any class I have felt that good than yours. Not just physically good, but something happened in my mind. I’m quite lazy person and didn’t like to get up early, but I still remember that I wanted to get up for your class because I felt so great in myself after and during your class. You really are great teacher. You gave me more than you can imagine. I’m bit nervous to do that yoga teacher training and have been trying to find the motivation to do that. And then I remembered you, if I could ever do that for someone or be that person to someone, I’m more than happy to do the teacher training. You are huge inspiration! Thank you ❤
— RM



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