"I am wearing clothes I bought 25 years ago "

I met Caroline at a moment when things were not at all well with my world. I’d lost a career I’d struggled to build for 20 years and with it much of my identity. 

I’m a person who tends to gain weight and depression combined with bad habits brought me to a place where I was in so much physical pain I was paying someone to walk my beautiful greyhound girl for me. 

And then I met Caroline. 

She let me know that the planta faciitis I was suffering could be remedied. She gave me special exercises to work on and shared some of her extraordinary courage with me. With a little joy transfusion on the side. 

Attending class regularly has brought huge gains. I now walk without pain. I stand taller both physically and in my spirit. 

Each class “uncrunches” me a little more, makes me feel taller and lighter. 

Since meeting Caroline a year ago I have also worked with the hospital to loose almost half my body weight. I could not have found the strength to do this without her help. 

I’ve recently started  a new job and my sense of who I can be, in myself and therefore for others, is transformed. 

I am wearing clothes I bought 25 years ago but I don’t feel like a kid again. I feel like a better person, a person who can pass more lightly and more kindly through the world, someone I’ve never been before, someone I’m still just learning to be. 

I can’t thank her enough but I can invite others to join her in the pursuit of better alignment. 

The results might surprise you. They have amazed me.  - SH