private bespoke classes offer a more individualised practice. These can be one-to-one or for up to four people. Each session is customised according to your needs on each day that we work together.

The advantage of a private class is that it allows you to work at your pace and receive guidance specific to your needs, with much closer attention and adjustments to enhance your alignment. You will be challenged in the way that you want and need to be, on all levels, including the internal. The results?

Greater strength, flexibility, mental focus, and the gift of sacred time devoted to nourishing yourself.

Come as you are and let’s discover the practice that you need, together.

Single Session 60min - £80

( £720 10 Block Booking)

Single Session 90min - £100

( £900 10 Block Booking)

Family Yoga Session 60Min - £100

( £900 10 Block booking)

Family Yoga Session 90Min - £150

( £1350 10 Block booking)

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