sports massage


Athletes require stamina, balance, strength and concentration. Bespoke alignment focused sessions develop all of these skills. If you are a team or an individual and want to get that extra edge, get in touch.

The Benefits of Yoga for Sports

Benefit 1

Yoga increases an athlete's mobility by increasing range of motion and lengthening muscle tissue.

Benefit 2
Core Strength

Yoga builds an athlete's core strength. A strong core means more overall stability. 

Benefit 3
Body Awareness

By developing a greater awareness of what the body is doing, an athlete is able to make technical changes with greater ease.

Benefit 4
Ease Of Movement

Yogic breathing will allow an athlete to perform with effort whilst at the same time moving with ease. Learning to breath in coordination with movement allows athletes to perform in a relaxed, peak performance state.

Benefit 5

Tightness is a common issue with athletes with the repetative nature of training. This tightness can restrict mobility. Yoga will ease the tightness, aches and pains.

Benefit 6
Injury Prevention

By developing mobility, strength and body awareness through regular yoga sessions, athletes can help to significantly reduce their risk of injury.

Benefit 7
Mental Game

With an increasing emphasis on the mental aspect of sports, the ability of players to learn to control their emotions before their sport is a huge bonus of regular yoga sessions.