Yoga Room Etiquette 

What to eat and drink - Be sure to practice yoga on an empty stomach, allow 2hrs after a snack or 5hrs after a main meal to allow time for digestion.

Warm herbal tea in the morning is fine. Have a banana for some energy if you feel faint beforehand.

Hydrate before class. Avoid water during, small sips. Hydrate after class

What to wear - Comfortable clothing you can move easily in where your knees and arms are visible for alignment correction. Bare feet.

Comfortable clothes you can move in, designer brands not compulsary. Something your teacher can see the alignment of your body so not too baggy.

Finding a space

Make sure to have enough room to take arms wide. Can stagger mats. Avoid being near pillars

Arriving on time

Be early , 10 mins is the cut off, come in quietly, and make sure the door does not slam. Don't be late if you have an injury as you need to speak with the teacher. Old injuries and any medical conditions are all relevant. 

Talking - No talking. If you are talking you are not listening. Listen more than you speak. But in class its about listening to yourself and what is going on inside.

Don't compare yourself its a personal practice. We all have different paths to walk. Walk yours confidently, no one else on this earth can walk it.