Bringing together asana practice with a combination of pranayama and meditation, she has developed a devoted passion for empowerment. Caroline channels her extensive knowledge of the practice with a glowing positivity to enthuse her classes with an uplifting spirit.

Ever growing in her practice, she seeks to incorporate not only the body in her teaching, but mind and soul. Her belief that yoga acts as a holistic form of healing translates in her teachings as an all encompassing experience, that will look not only to heal external ailments, but internal also. 

She understands that everyone is different
  and believes that everyone needs a helping hand once in a while to find their quiet strength within. 


No two classes are the same under Caroline's guidance, as she looks to incorporate individualised feedback and support to each and every student. 

A fundamental part of this learning process is understanding that the physical asana practice is only the first step of yoga. The next step - the fun stuff - is getting to know yourself.

You will work hard both physically and mentally.  You will leave feeling fitter, less stressed and more flexible and connected with your amazingness.